• Swagger Nation, the Blog

    For sports, politics, and social commentary that challenges the status quo, visit the Swagger Nation blog. Damon covers issues ranging from the 2012 Olympics, religion, politics, the 2012 Presidential Elections, psychological warfare, mind control, pop culture, abortion, fatherhood, racism, black athletes, and more.  

  • Souletics

    Souletics is a unique program designed to prepare the mind, body and soul for peak performance. Souletics is more than an athletic training program. Souletics is a distinctive individual enrichment program that increases your discernment (consciousness), broadens and strengthens your astuteness to your environment, and provides the foundation for longevity, be it in competition or …

  • Inspiring Minds Publications

    Inspiring Minds Publications is the publishing arm of Damon J. Smith Enterprises.  Published works include Don’t Stop the Swagger:  Preparing the Mind, Body & Soul for Peak Performance, Rescued To Tell:  Diary of a Street Kid, and Nao Deixe o Fogo Se Apagar, an inspirational documentary about Brazilian street kids and their will to overcome …

  • Damon J. Smith Talk Radio

    The Damon J. Smith radio show covers all issues pertaining to sports, politics, social issues, and spirituality.  Originally broadcast on California Bay Area KFIA AM710 talk radio, all episodes are available via iTunes and FeedBurner.Visit www.DamonJSmith.com

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